Damage free furniture shifting ideas. Note down these tips before moving.

Damage free furniture shifting ideas. Note down these tips before moving.

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Moving around can give your home a fresh update without buying anything, but if things get damaged along the way a quick reconfiguration can end up costing you a pretty penny. With this furniture shifting tips that we now elaborate on, you can learn how to keep your furniture damage-free.

Get a Helping Hand – Moving heavy furniture is a herculean task in itself. Unless you’re planning on moving a few small pieces, such as chairs, plant stands, and end tables, it is highly recommended that you enlist for help. The quickest way to bang up your furniture in pieces is trying to move furniture on your own. You could also end up injuring your back and shoulders. Always ask for help from your family members and your friends when you are planning to relocate your furniture. The heavy furniture can include beds, couches, coffee tables, desks, dining tables, large chairs, dressers, buffets and console tables, and moving them is not a one man’s job. Ask at least two to three to assist you with the job. One can carry the furniture; one can keep track of all of it, and another to help guide you. You can also hire a professional moving company or moving day labor professionals to assist with the loading and unloading process. They are highly trained and experienced professionals in moving heavy items across various types of flooring.

Map It Out First – If you move your furniture in a rush, without any prior planning, it is much likely that you will damage something. So before you move it, it’s always best to figure out where you want your furniture. Several apps can help you put together mock layouts to decide which option you like best before beginning the move.                                                    

Get everything off the floor- Make sure everything is off the floor before furniture shifting, from carpets and rugs to miscellaneous baskets and all the other heavy items. This is important for several reasons: first, the last thing you want to do is trip over something on the floor when moving heavy furniture, second, if you’re constantly bumping into things along the way you won’t be able to move the furniture. There is also a chance that you might end up scratching your furniture and ruin your floor.

Remove or Secure Drawers – If you happen to move a piece of furniture with drawers, always remove them if possible. So that they won’t slide open in the middle of the move, you can use tape.

Cover the Furniture – If your furniture rubs against anything, it might get damaged so covering it always helps. Even if you’re just going from one room to another, this is a must especially if you are moving wooden items. For upholstered furniture, there are a lot of options from plastic wraps to pads to everyday sheets.

Rent a dolly- Renting a dolly always helps in moving furniture damage-free. Dolly’s can take heavyweight and move items smoothly. It does not cost much and it is furniture friendly. You can find a dolly through a truck rental company, rent it, or get a hand truck through moving equipment rental service. You can also purchase dollies online or at a local mart.

Use furniture sliders or gliders – After you are done wrapping your furniture, use sliders/gliders to move it. To make moving furniture easier and protect floors from damage, furniture sliders are designed. You can easily find and purchase sliders/gliders online in a variety of shapes and sizes. Sliders are special pads that fit underneath furniture legs. They can be made of either plastic or rubber. You will be able to easily glide the item across the floor without scratching up your hardwood, once you place the sliders under the furniture. They are specially used for couches, dressers, tables and heavy appliances. From small felt pads that go on the legs of chairs to full panels that make it easy to slide heavy pieces like pianos, you can get access to a variety of sliders.

Lay Down a Layer of Protection – To protect the hard surface of the wood and tile floors, tape down cardboard or ram board. Carpets are useful, but laying down a firm sheet will prevent people from tracking in dirt and make it easier to slide furniture into a new spot.

Corner Guards – In the corners, you may not be able to see what you’re doing or systematically plan the furniture. Corner guards help to ensure the edges of the walls are fully protected.

Tape Up Paper –When moving furniture down hallways or from room-to-room, scuffs and scraps are commonly used, as it helps in the process. Although the process takes time, you can prevent the walls from getting damaged by taping up packing paper.

Remove Doors – People prefer removing doors as it doesn’t take much time to get it off its hinges and also it’s a safe option. There may be furniture that is large in size and brittle, and moving such items without the prior removal of the door can cause them to break or damage. Therefore removing the door first helps to get the furniture in and out of the home.

Door Jamb Protectors –After the doors are removed, you can easily use door jamb protectors. To prevent scrapes, dents, and bangs when moving furniture through doorways, these pads fit around the door jam on either side.

Hire professional movers – There is a large number of furniture shifting services available in the market. Hiring professional furniture movers is one of the best ways of protecting furniture, floors and your home. Furniture shifting is a heavy task, so in spite of doing the moving all by yourself, you can always take the help of professionals and take the load off your shoulders. They take care of all the heavy lifting and also provide additional loading and unloading services. Furniture movers are very well trained in their jobs, and they ensure that all of your furniture remains damage-free. In case any of your furniture gets damaged while moving, furniture movers provide a refund for that item. Furniture shifting services are reliable and ensure the utmost safety of your items. So whenever you are rearranging your home, redecorating or making a complete move, do not forget to hire them.







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