Home shifting in the rainy season? Here’s how to nail your relocation during the monsoons

Home shifting in the rainy season? Here’s how to nail your relocation during the monsoons

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Relocating to a new home could bring mixed feelings to people. Yes, they feel happy about going to a new place and enjoying new facilities and features there. On the other hand, people have to plan their relocation perfectly, so that they can get it done with no issues. Weather plays a vital role in home shifting. Home shifting itself is a daunting task and if you are up to shift your home in a rainy season, nothing is more difficult than this.

People do not enjoy shifting their home during rainy seasons, but if they ought to do it, they cannot avoid it.


The following points will let you know how to shift your home in a rainy season.


  • Advance Planning – Planning is a key to shift your home properly and with no flaws. You need to plan strategically in advance because home shifting during the rainy season makes it all the more necessary to come up with the best plan. Last-minute planning would never help you shift your home to the point. You will be in a hurry last minute and so you will forget or miss out something. In addition to that, you will get no additional time to sit and think about your shifting.
  • Pack Your Items with Plastic Covers – If you do not want rains to damage or spoil your items on the packing boxes, then you need to cover all those boxes with plastic covers. These plastic covers will safeguard your items from getting drenched in rains. For the important goods go for zipped plastic bags. Proper packing your goods with plastic is very necessary as heavy downpour might damage your belongings. Make sure to buy the best and affordable packing supplies to pack your items so that it does not tear in the midway. For added protection, you can also use tapes on the boxes. With sheets and blankets, you can protect your wooden furniture.
  •       Keep your Raincoat or Umbrella with You – This is a very valid point as many people simply forget to pack their umbrella/raincoat. And sometimes they end up packing those with the other belongings so it gets difficult to take those out during emergency. You should not pack your umbrella or raincoat with other belongings. Be it the rainy season, you may need your raincoat and umbrella anytime, so keep these with you or on your car for easy taking. Moreover, it is very consuming to constantly take them in and out. Therefore, it’s advisable to keep the umbrella or raincoat along with you.
  •       Hire Packers and Movers –If you have no time to do all these things on your own then you can think about hiring packers and movers. There are several packing and moving services available, so before hiring take your time, go to various sites, compare the rates and then decide who to choose. Also before relocation enquire them if they have all the necessary types of equipment needed to relocate in the rainy season. Packers and movers offer various packing and moving services including pickup and delivery services. The only thing is that you have to choose the trusted movers. If you hire packers and movers, then they will do the things that are needed to accomplish your move finely.


  •       Hire Closed Body Truck – Most of the time packers and movers bring open body trucks which are not a good idea during the rainy season, therefore you should always opt for a closed body truck from the packers and movers you hire. The closed body truck would be safer to use in the rainy season. You can check your truck for any leaks or damages before putting your items on it. During transit this will make sure the safety of your items.


  •       Use monsoon footwear – You have to go for skid-proof or monsoon footwear if you have planned for monsoon relocation. Make each of the members who are going out to shift wear it. The covered shoes will protect your feet from germs as monsoon brings a lot of mud and dirt. Moreover while running around for shifting you might slip and hurt yourself badly, but if you wear monsoon shoes, it will lessen the possibility.


  •       Wash clothes beforehand – Your clothes take a longer time to dry in rainy season due to the damp, humid weather. Nobody wants to take the wet clothes along with them because it damps the other belongings. Further adding to the inconvenience, wet clothes being more in weight will make the packets unnecessarily heavy. Therefore it’s a smart plan to wash your clothes which you are planning to take in your new space beforehand and dry them before packing.


  •       Keep a track of the goods you are moving – Most of the packers and movers are responsible. Despite being secure and well equipped, inconveniences can occur anytime. You never know when an inconvenience may arise, and although packers and movers service is reliable, you should keep track of the goods you are moving. Unexpected obstructions can arise mainly during the rainy season, due to the poor condition of the roads. Therefore it will be easy to tackle the situation and recover the loss if you have a good track of every item you are carrying.


  •       Load and unload items under a roof – Loading and unloading under a roof is not always possible, but it is very beneficial if you do it. It takes a lot of time to load and unload your goods without any damage. But this process can be executed more easily if there is a roof at the place where you are about to load and unload.


Start your journeys early – You might take longer time to reach your destination because rainy season leads to endless traffic problems. Although if you leave early you won’t have to hurry, and you can then reach your location safely and on time. But it will lead to unnecessary delay as well as drain the energy completely out of you if you start your journey late.

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